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In this day and age, it's refreshing to discover an artist who is living life on his own terms, and on his own timing...David Wahler is such a person.  As early as age 7, it was clear that music would be natural part of his life, yet his artistic talent was not limited to music. David has enjoyed a successful Interior Design career as well, and today, all of his talents are converging in an exciting array of new music projects and curated playlists.


As a child, David Wahler displayed an uncanny ability to pick up and play tunes by ear on piano, something unanticipated by his work-a-day parents (father was an electrical engineer and mother was a homemaker, who took on the arduous task of raising David and his five siblings). David’s ability to play almost anything, from church hymns to pop tunes heard on the radio, led to formal lessons from which David had to “promptly unlearn many bad self-taught habits.” A plethora of formal studies followed, including those at summer music clinics and university academies, netting first place prizes at more than a few. Notoriety came easily to the young man. 


In his own words, “[After] I studied piano performance at Lawrence University Conservatory of Music and Mannes School of Music in New York…I found myself in the world of classical recitals, chamber music and vocal accompaniment. Having moved to New York, I began working Off Broadway in theater, serving as musical director, arranger and composer of several productions.” 


Upon returning to the Chicago area where he grew up, David had an epiphany. “I began to undergo my first real period of spiritual self-discovery. I was able to finally recognize that the gift of music I had been given was something that I must, in return, give back and share with others. I began teaching music appreciation to disadvantaged and handicapped children. I worked with the Camp Sunshine/National Arts for the Handicapped Program…”


While revelatory and fulfilling, David eventually realized that his charitable efforts in music would not sustain him, so he pursued - and excelled - in a design career. He recounts, “I [became] a successful interior designer (graduate of Design Institute of San Diego) in Southern California.  My partner and I owned several retail gift shops in Chicago, Boulder, San Diego and Palm Springs.  Although I loved the creative aspect of these businesses, they were a lot of hard work, so when I ‘retired’ 4 years ago, I put that part of my life behind me.” 


Just a handful of years ago, David returned to his first love, music, and embraced his dream of making music not just his career, but his life. Renewing his affinity for music and inviting it back into his life reignited his passion to create beautiful soundscapes; and his lifelong business experience is handy in elevating his music’s commercial and critical success. 


His first album, Antiquus, was released in 2009, to critical acclaim, setting a (then) record for highest charting debut album on the Zone Music Reporter chart, of which noted music reviewer Bill Binkelman wrote “With a debut this strong, David Wahler has launched his contemporary instrumental recording career straight into the upper stratosphere. Antiquus heralds another artist to keep a close watch on, expecting more great music on future musical efforts. Highly recommended.” More accolades would follow with the release of the album A Star Danced (winner of Zone Music Reporter’s Best Relaxation/Meditation album of 2010) as well as 2013’s Secret Dream and 2015’s Spiritus, which was nominated for best relaxation/meditation album for 2015, once again by Zone Music Reporter. With the release of 2018’s Mosaic, David appears on the cusp of worldwide success, as he continues to craft melodic keyboard soundscapes, melding classic new age melodicism with cutting-edge electronics and state-of-the-art production quality. 


 “On Mosaic,” Binkelman wrote “David Wahler reaches a new pinnacle in his artistry of crafting emotionally rich, serenely flowing, and gently rhythmic electronic music soundscapes that intermix new age music elements from the classic period of late '80s and early '90s with a more contemporary aspect and state of the art production quality…his trademark warmth and intimacy are apparent with every piano note and every application of electronic texture, as well as his meticulous attention to detail in layering all the elements present on every track."  


When glancing back at a chance encounter with a woman who first took notice of his musical talent in playing by ear, David Wahler muses, “I still think of that woman, years ago in that church meeting hall, asking me ‘Where did you learn how to do that?’ Perhaps now I would be able to answer her in all sincerity, ‘I didn't learn how to do it. It was a gift which was given to me by Spirit.’  My hope now is to share it with others and in so doing, transform our emotions and feelings and, perhaps, mindfully enrich our very existence.”


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