A Star Danced – Review – RJ Lannan, Zone Music Reporter

Lightning Does Strike Twice I was quite taken with David Wahler‘s first album, Antiquus. It went far and beyond ancient history to offer incredible ambient music that was stunning and intricate. Well, I am happy to report he has entered the modern age and accomplishes the same thing on his latest release A Star Danced. [...]

A Star Danced – Review – Raj Manoharan, RajMan Reviews

Sometimes you can tell by the packaging of a CD – and its title – what kind of music you might expect to hear. This is very true of David Wahler’s second album, A Star Danced. The elaborate and elegant digipak design casts a charming-looking bear dancing under the stars, and the music conveys the [...]

A STAR DANCED – Review – Bill Binkelman, Zone Music Reporter

David Wahler A Star Danced Darius Production (2010) The pitfall of releasing a stunning debut CD is that your follow-up is critiqued with a much more discerning ear than is usual. David Wahler’s Antiquus was roundly praised and recognized as a very strong first effort. His follow-up, A Star Danced, certainly smashes the myth of [...]

A STAR DANCED – review Serge Kozlovsky.com Minsk, Republic of Belarus

A Star Danced (c) (p) 2010 Darius Productions In silent windless night The voices of the distant stars Are ringing in my heart This music is filled with transparency. It conveys very simple and clear emotions which purify the heart and arouse the spirit. Some sentimental notes are felt in the music of the album [...]

A STAR DANCED review – MainlyPiano.com, Kathy Parsons

A Star Danced is the exciting follow-up to David Wahler’s award-winning 2009 debut, Antiquus. Wahler was recently named “Best New Artist” in Zone Music Reporter’s annual awards, and his new release firmly establishes him in the forefront of the new age, ambient, and contemporary instrumental genres. A variety of moods and emotions are expressed in [...]