A STAR DANCED review – KEYS and CHORDS, Patrick Van de Wiele

[This review was posted by Keys And Chords and translated by Google] David started with music at age seven. But he sought formal training and studied music at several universities. He acted as musical director and played around Chicago with the Rockford Symphony Orchestra. He also gave music lessons to support handicapped  and disabled children. [...]

A STAR DANCED review – NewAgeRadio.de

(this review is translated by Google/Translate from the German) A NEW STAR IS BORN “…. a star danced and under which I was born,”  was a quote by William Shakespeare. This quote has also been taken to heart by David Wahler for his latest album “A Star Danced” After his debut album “Antiquus” Release Date [...]

A STAR DANCED Review – A Ultima Fronteira Radio, Roberto Veles

David Wahler acaba de publicar su segundo disco después de haber sorprendido y alcanzado un gran éxito en su début con “Antiquus”. Hay que recordar, que este compositor comenzó a tocar el piano a los siete años, estudiado piano en el Lawrence University Conservatory of Music and Mannes College og Music en New York y [...]

ANTIQUUS review – Kathy Parsons, MainlyPiano.com

“Antiquus” is the debut from pianist/keyboard wizard David Wahler, but you’d be hard-pressed to find any evidence that this is a first recording. From the stunning cover artwork by Matt Strieby at Newleaf Design to the outstanding sound quality of the production, this is one very impressive recording – and I haven’t even mentioned the [...]

ANTIQUUS review – Bill Binkelman, Zone Music Reporter

During my years of reviewing music, I’ve heard many debut recordings, ranging from dreadful to impressive. ANTIQUUS, the freshman CD from keyboardist David Wahler, easily sits at the latter end of that continuum. With great production standards, a high caliber of assorted electronic keyboards, and a surprising variety of moods, styles and tempos, Antiquus instantly [...]