A STAR DANCED – review Serge Kozlovsky.com Minsk, Republic of Belarus

A Star Danced

(c) (p) 2010 Darius Productions

In silent windless night

The voices of the distant stars

Are ringing in my heart

This music is filled with transparency. It conveys very simple and clear emotions which purify the heart and arouse the spirit. Some sentimental notes are felt in the music of the album “A Star Danced” by David Wahler. These are voices of silent nights when you are alone with your own essence and naked in front of the unfolding endlessness.

The sampled electronic music of David Wahler is full of individuality. It speaks its own very personal language. Sometimes the celestial nocturnal tunes of “A Star Danced” remind me of the music of Jonn Serrie. But David Wahler definitely has his own style. Maybe the comparison with Jonn Serrie occurs to me because the music of “A Star Danced” has an evident healing effect. It rehabilitates the mind and raises the spirit. The piano of David Whaler is warm-hearted and moving.

One wants to say also that the music of “A Star Danced” is bewitchingly beautiful. David Wahler is a magnificent composer. “A Star Danced” is listened to in one breath. This release is a very precious sample of music therapy.

Serge Kozlovsky